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The purchase or sale of commercial property in Minnesota is a high-stakes transaction. The law does not provide the same level of consumer protection in commercial real estate transactions that is afforded to residential purchases. Whether you are selling or buying, it is vital for you to work with a thorough, knowledgeable and experienced real estate lawyer to ensure a smooth transition and to protect your overall goals.

From start to finish, Lutter Gilbert & Kvas, LLC, provides counsel, advice and guidance to make sure the process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Partner Wayne E. Gilbert leads our commercial real estate transactions practice. He has decades of experience with commercial transactions and a passion for results. Our full-service representation can help you avoid making costly mistakes that can adversely impact your goals – and bottom line. Our services are aimed at due diligence, efficiency and protecting your property rights in acquisitions, sales, expansions, leases and financing.

In addition to his experience in real estate law, attorney Gilbert is a licensed real estate broker and is certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as a Real Property Law Specialist. The depth and breadth of his knowledge of every aspect of real estate matters is unsurpassed.

Contract Drafting, Due Diligence, Land Use And Zoning Counsel

It is critical that your purchase agreement and other documentation protect and advance your best interests. We can help you structure and negotiate the transaction. We will draft the purchase agreement, communicate with the appropriate parties (such as the title company and appraisers), assist with the due diligence, investigate land use and zoning concerns and guide you through the closing.

In commercial transactions, the warranties and representations are a vital concern. We will tenaciously safeguard your rights, whether you are the buyer or seller. Our experience in commercial real estate runs far and deep, ranging from assisting small businesses obtain a building to open a small shop to major warehouse deals. We welcome clients whether the facility has an asking price in the thousands or in the millions. We have the experience and ability to help you close the deal.

Our knowledge of business law adds value to our real estate practice. The sale of a business often involves real estate. Similarly, acquiring commercial property may require the buyer to form an LLC or corporation to complete the purchase. We analyze the entire scope of issues to mitigate risk and handle the details throughout the transaction

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