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LGK LLC patners

1. Do you charge for an initial consultation?

Our initial consultation is without charge. Sometimes that initial consultation will be over the telephone or by email. Often a face-to-face consultation is recommended.

2. What can I expect during the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, you can expect that your concerns will be heard. The LGK lawyer will gather the information needed to determine whether our firm is the best fit to address your concerns. A fee arrangement will also be discussed at the outset.

3. What different types of fee arrangements do you offer?

Most often the work we perform is charged on an hourly basis. Our lawyers will provide you with an estimate of the fees, which is subject to change depending on unexpected issues or complications that arise during the course of the representation.

On occasion, our lawyers will enter into what is referred to as a “contingent” fee arrangement. A contingent fee arrangement is one where fees are based on the ultimate outcome of the case and are usually a percentage of that outcome.

Our fee arrangement will be confirmed with you in writing. Whatever that fee arrangement is, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality legal services at a fair price.

4. Will a lawyer be working on my case from start to finish?

Your lawyer will be guiding the course of your case every step of the way. LGK is proud to have a staff of experienced paralegals to assist your lawyer, however, again with the goal of providing the highest quality legal services at a fair price.

5. Will LGK make referrals if my concern is not within the firm’s practice areas?

Yes, because of the number of years our lawyers have been a practicing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul greater metropolitan area, we are in tune with other firms or lawyers who may be able address your concerns.

6. Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

We are very flexible with our scheduling and are often able to make appointments outside of usual business hours.

7. Do you make “house calls?”

Our preference is to meet at our office. However, if the need arises, our lawyers will travel to you.