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Disputes can arise concerning the terms of a temporary parenting time order while a divorce remains pending. Gaps in an existing order may cause confusion, conflict and strife. Similarly, disagreements over the meaning of a final parenting time order may adversely impact the rights of the parents and children alike. A contested hearing before the judge is not always needed to resolve these kinds of conflicts. When there are no allegations of child abuse or domestic abuse, parents may seek to resolve conflicts concerning an existing parenting time order cost-efficiently through a third-party parenting time expeditor.

Lutter Gilbert & Kvas, LLC, is a full-service family law practice in the south metro. Our desire to provide cost-efficient solutions extends to all aspects of ADR in family court.

What Is A Parenting Time Expeditor?

A parenting time expeditor helps parents resolve parenting time disputes that are not specifically addressed by an existing court order. The PTE has the authority to enforce, interpret, and clarify court orders regarding parenting time. The PTE typically works with both parents to see if the dispute can be resolved by mutual agreement, but has the authority to make a binding decision if parents are unable to reach an agreement. The PTE may award compensatory parenting time to a parent under certain circumstances. The PTE also has the authority to make a determination as to whether an existing parenting time order has been violated. The court may appoint a PTE even if one parent does not want a PTE to be involved. PTEs must have completed the required 40-hour Rule 114 training, and are required to participate in continuing education. This role is defined by Minn. Stat. §518.1751 and Rule 114. Like mediation, it is a confidential process.

Barbara Lutter may be appointed as parenting time expeditors.

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