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Even after a custody determination has been made parenting disagreements can continue to arise. Will a child participate in sports? Where will children attend school? Where will a child live? These disputes can place parents at odds with one another and can quickly turn heated.

At Lutter Gilbert & Kvas, LLC, we help moms and dads resolve their parenting disputes efficiently, outside the courtroom.

How Can A Parenting Consultant Help Me Resolve My Family Court Conflict

A parenting consultant is a neutral person who first tries to mediate with the parents but then can make decisions if the parents don’t agree. The parties may decide the topics and powers a PC will have in a written agreement, a contract between the parents. That agreement, which is a contract, may then be approved by the court as an order. Because the topics and powers are agreed to by the parents, this process can be creative about what kinds of help the family needs.

A parenting consultant is not as limited as a parenting time expeditor. Generally, the parents want the parenting consultant to have broad authority to resolve many parenting issues, such as details of schedules, sports, activities, school attendance, or even where the child might live. The parenting consultant might also be given the power to suggest services or therapies for the children or the adults that will benefit the children.

This process begins with the parenting consultant working with both parents to try to resolve the dispute by agreement. However, if parents are unable to agree, the parenting consultant has the authority to make binding decisions about parenting issues. Both parents must agree to the appointment of a parenting consultant. This role is not governed by statute, but it is a form of alternative dispute resolution permitted under Rule 114.

The parenting consultant process is not a confidential process, unlike mediation and the PTE process. A parenting consultant may be required to provide information to the court.

Barbara Lutter may be appointed as parenting consultants.

Let Us Ease The Burdens Of Resolving Your Family Court Parenting Dispute

We work with family law attorneys and unrepresented men and women in a wide range of forms of alternative dispute resolution services. To learn more about how our experience can be your advantage in solving parenting disputes with efficiency, call our office in Eagan at 877-453-2723 or contact us online. We serve clients in the south metro, in the greater Twin Cities metro and throughout Minnesota.