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Mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes with less emotional turmoil. Lutter Gilbert & Kvas, LLC, is highly regarded for our mediation services. Our deep knowledge of family law and divorce is a clear strength of our divorce mediation services. The mediation process allows divorcing individuals to maintain more control of how family law conflicts are resolved. Many people feel empowered by their divorce settlement. When children are involved, you can look at the long-term goals of your kids and address the issues from a personal perspective instead of handing the decision-making authority over to a judge.

What Is Mediation?

Not all family law conflicts must be solved by going to court. Many issues may be resolved through mediation with the help of a trained neutral mediator. The mediation process is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which parents themselves reach agreements facilitated by a Rule 114 neutral mediator. The mediator does not work for either side but does work with both parties together to reach a mutually agreed upon solution.

The mediator does not tell the parents what to do and does not have the authority to make decisions. Instead, the mediator helps the parents reach their own agreements in a peaceful and cooperative way. The process generally consists of several meetings, each lasting a few hours, with the parties and the mediator. Mediators and the mediation process are governed by a special rule of court, Rule 114.

Mediation under Rule 114 is a confidential process, which means the mediator cannot tell anyone, including the court, what was discussed in the mediation. All the mediator reports to the court is that the parties participated in mediation and if they did or did not reach an agreement.

Attorneys Barbara Lutter qualified neutrals under Rule 114 to be mediators in family law.

Turn To Experienced Mediators For Empowering Results

We welcome inquires from attorneys throughout Minnesota and from unrepresented parties who are interested in resolving their family law conflicts through mediation. To schedule a no-obligation, confidential consultation with our mediators, call 877-453-2723 or contact us online.