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Estate Planning And Probate

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Estate planning is one of the most difficult topics for many adults to discuss. Most people understand the importance of planning for the future, yet delay putting a plan in place. The compassionate lawyers at Lutter Gilbert & Kvas, LLC, understand that considering the inevitable is often difficult to face. We strive to ease your burden, while helping you obtain the peace of mind that your family and your legacy will be protected with a personalized plan.

Powers Of Attorney And Health Care Directives

When people cannot manage their own affairs, someone else may need to step in. You want to be the one deciding who should help you with your finances, or make heath care decisions about you, if you ever need that help. Attorneys Suzanne Kvas and Barbara Lutter can explain the options and draft the legal documents to implement your decisions. LGK can prepare a Power of Attorney, so that your chosen adviser can manage your finances if you can’t do it anymore. LGK can create a health care directive to advise your doctors about your wishes and identify who should make decisions for you if you can no longer make the decisions for yourself.

Guardianships And Conservatorships

Sometimes, you are the one who needs to help a loved one. A court may need to name you to be the one to help when that loved one did not make arrangements in advance. LGK can help you protect your loved one who needs that assistance. LGK can advise you, draft the paperwork and help you with the court process for guardianships and conservatorships.

Supplemental Needs Planning

Sometimes you need to make financial arrangements for a disabled child, to plan for that child’s future. You may need to set up a trust for the future care of that disabled child, whether the child is a minor or an adult. LGK can advise you and draft the paperwork to set up a supplemental needs trust.

Protecting Your Legacy

Estate planning at LGK delivers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your heirs will receive what you want them to receive. You will be assured that your assets will be protected and any decision making will be done by someone you trust. By clearly expressing your feelings, estate planning can prevent many problems. Let us assist you in the following areas:

· Estate planning, wills and trusts

· Guardianships/Conservatorships

· Probate and estate administration

· Trust administration

· Transfer on death deeds

· Probate litigation

· Health care Directives

· Powers of attorney

· Supplemental needs trusts

Resolving Probate And Trust Disputes

Our experience with estate planning is a formidable resource when problems arise during the administration of an estate. Our lawyers take a balanced approach to resolving probate disputes. As full-service litigators, we will not hesitate to take a case to trial to preserve the best interests of a client.

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