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What is a child custody modification and when is it used?

A custody modification is a change to the existing custody arrangement. As parents face life changes -- or children's needs change -- a modification to the original agreement may be necessary. For parents seeking a custody modification, the process can be arduous and filled with more than a few hurdles.

The importance of having a properly drafted QDRO

Retirement plans are often significant assets in households. When a marriage comes to an end, some people may overlook these assets. In other situations, divorcing couples may agree to divide a retirement account in their property settlements. It is vital for people who are facing divorce to understand that the divorce decree, standing alone, may not be sufficient to properly transfer the right to receive retirement account benefits.

Challenges of 50/50 parenting schedules

For divorcing parents, deciding how their children will spend time at both parent's households is a difficult decision. The shift towards joint custody over sole custody has gained momentum as the best option for children of divorced parents. While joint custody can be a viable option for parents and children alike, the arrangement comes with unique challenges for ex-spouses.

Tips for handling unexpected co-parenting costs after divorce

There is a wealth of information available on the Internet that discusses the issue of child support. Minnesota law specifically recognizes that children have the right to receive financial support from both parents. Child support generally involves three components, including:

Spring is the time for divorced parents to talk about change of school plans

Life often takes many twists and turns. After a divorce, each ex-spouse moves on with his or her new life. New job opportunities may make it necessary to move to a new home. New relationships may lead to relocating to a new home. Changes in the needs and interests of a child may require a change of direction. Even if you believe a new school has a program that meets the needs of your child better than his or her current school, does your ex agree with your assessment?

Five tips for telling the kids about divorce

Telling your children you're getting divorced is challenging. For parents, divorce may represent a fresh start and an end to a painful relationship. For kids, divorce may mean their world is changing in ways they don't understand for reasons they don't comprehend. Children are resilient and the way you tell your kids about the divorce can help them through this difficult time.

Let's split the kids in half!

In child custody cases, many parents go in thinking their goal is to get joint physical custody of their children with each parent getting equal time with the children. They believe that 50-50 parenting time is fair - split the kids in half (figuratively, not literally, of course). Half of the kids' time spent at their mother's house, the other half spent at their father's. Seems fair enough, right?

Did you know parenting time and child support are interrelated?

Child custody, parenting time and child support are core issues in any divorce with minor children, and they are the key issues at the end of a relationship for parents who weren't married. Because child support and child custody laws differ from state to state, it's important to ensure that you are getting accurate information about what to expect in your family court case. In some states, child custody, parenting time and child support are treated as totally separate issues, but in Minnesota, these issues intersect quite a bit.


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