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Why would you choose someone else to raise your children?

As parents, you do the best you can for your children. You give them the best education possible, offer a wide range of enrichment activities, and provide travel opportunities that expand your children’s minds.

Although you do everything within your power to give your children a wonderful life, it is also important to consider what would happen if the unexpected were to occur. Since you are young and healthy, perhaps you have not given estate planning much thought. But now that you have children, it would be beneficial to plan for all possibilities.

Things you might consider in naming guardians

While it may not have seemed important to establish a Will before you had children, it is important to make decisions now – just in case. While it might be hard to think about something happening to you, you would be wise to make your choices known regarding who you would want to raise your children if you were no longer around. 

Rather than leaving a decision to a court, there are some things you might think about as you establish your Will and name guardians for your children. Some things you may consider include:

  • Who would raise your children with similar values?
  • Where would your children feel comfortable?
  • Would the guardians be able to provide for your children?
  • Could your children stay in close proximity to other people they know and love?
  • Do the people you consider naming as guardians love your children?

As you consider who might watch over your children in the event something causes you to leave this world prematurely, be sure your chosen guardians agree with your plan prior to naming them in your Will. While everything will likely be fine, you should do everything within your power to ensure your children have capable, loving care.