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Consider your city’s zoning laws before your start your business

As a business owner, you probably want to do everything possible to grow your company. You have researched the market and your business plan is set.

While choosing a business location, you want your doors to be accessible, and you likely thought about how easily your customers and vendors could notice your signage. But how thoroughly have you considered the zoning laws of your community?

What zoning regulations control

Most communities implement zoning laws to promote health and safety among community members by separating commercial and industrial businesses from residential areas, or zones. By dividing the community accordingly, a city can control the land use and development to best serve the community. At the same time, zoning regulations can help protect residents from the light, noise, and potential smoke certain businesses might produce.

Zoning laws may determine the:

  • Number of buildings built in an area
  • Type of foundations used
  • Size of the buildings allowed
  • Population density
  • Conservation requirements
  • Size of the lots

Throughout Minnesota, each city might approach zoning differently, as they often work to form a long-term plan for the community’s physical, economic, and social development. But what can you do if you have a conflict?

You might decide to appeal

Over time, cities develop and plans may change. If you feel zoning changes could put your business plan at risk, it might be necessary to appeal. During a public hearing, if your local board members agree that your operation aligns with the intent of your city’s ordinances, they may grant you a variance.

Although you would have to meet specific conditions for the variance, it could potentially help you continue with business as usual. And as an entrepreneur, you likely want that to remain your focus as you continue to meet your customer demand.