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There’s an app for that: technology making it easier to co-parent

After a divorce, one of the hardest changes can be the transition to co-parenting. Depending on how your relationship ended, co-parenting with your ex might sound exhausting.

Both sides may walk on eggshells for years, even in a perfectly amicable divorce. It may be awkward to talk to your ex– but when you co-parent, communication is a necessary part of life. With another school year in full swing, sharing schedules, supplies, and sports can feel like taking on another full-time job.

Fortunately, technology now allows exes to parent without hurt feelings or awkward small talk. Here are a few apps that are making parents’ lives easier:

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard has been helping communication between partners for over 15 years. Featuring a shared calendar, expense trackers, and requests for parenting time or reimbursements, Our Family Wizard takes a lot of the drama out of co-parenting.

Even better, it features a secured message board that tracks communication between parents. These messages can never be altered or deleted. OFW takes the “he said, she said” out of co-parenting.


A lot like Our Family Wizard, 2houses features a shared co-parenting calendar. The calendar automatically syncs between parents’ phones. It also offers shared to-do and supply lists for things like back-to-school events or science fairs.

2houses also lets parents share a child’s medical information. This makes sure no appointments slip through the cracks. The app also has a shared photo album, allowing parents to easily share pictures without the need to text.

Custody Connection

Custody Connection aims to cut the small talk and missed connections between parents. The app features a shared calendar that allows you to request custody day swaps. It also has a tracking feature that keeps track of how many custody days you’ve had throughout the year.

These are just a few of the apps available to parents who are getting used to a new aspect of a divorce. They can help keep communication lines open, and allow you to establish a parental relationship with your ex-partner.

If you have any questions around co-parenting or the divorce process in general, a skilled family law attorney can help.