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Sending your kids back-to-school after divorce

Back-to-school season is upon us. You can’t walk into a store without seeing a multitude of backpacks, post-it notes and lunch boxes. As summer stands on its last legs, sending your child back to school after you have just gone through a divorce can be daunting.

This situation is uncharted territory and can be tough on both you and your children. Believe it or not, back-to-school may be more frightening for your child than you. Several questions could be going through their head, such as “what do I tell my friends and teachers?” and “who will help me with my homework?”

Communication is key for you and your former spouse

Even if you aren’t on great terms with your former spouse, your child’s education is paramount. Making sure that you and your ex are communicating regularly about your child will help ease the transition. These are topics it may be wise to discuss these topics with your ex before your child heads back to the classroom:

  • Who will be the primary school contact?
  • What schedule will you use to stay on top of your child’s success?
  • Who will pick up the child from school?
  • Will you have regular meetings to discuss child’s progress in school?
  • Will you both attend conferences?

Communication is key for you and your child

Have a sit down with your former spouse and child to discuss any concerns the child may have. Reassure them that just because you and your spouse are no longer together and living in the same house, not everything will change. Both of you are still there for your child, making sure that they succeed.

Sending your kid back to school after you and your former spouse’s divorce does not have to give you anxiety. Making sure you are aware that your child may need reassurance will help you get back on track.