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Planning For Divorce Means Starting Now

Divorce is not something that can happen at the drop of a hat. The courts are busy and no exceptions are made for people who want a divorce immediately.

In fact, you could even say there is such a thing as Divorce Season. The fall, for instance, is a very busy time for divorce courts. Summer vacation is over. The kids are going back to school. The holidays have not started yet. Those circumstances create a window commonly used by many, many couples to take the first steps toward reorganizing their family lives.


For that reason, if you are considering a divorce, you want to consult with an experienced attorney now. Getting your divorce plan in order for the fall involves a variety of extremely time-sensitive considerations, not the least of which is a consideration of traffic in the court.

Your plan with your attorney will consider a variety of considerations not normally taken into account by couples involved in the emotionally-intense process of divorce. Those considerations involve, for instance, financial planning, particularly where only one spouse has been working while the other spouse cares for any children.

The planning also takes into account unique family dynamics. You attorney can help you identify those dynamics in the first place where you might be too close to see them as well as making a proactive, practical strategy for how to deal with them effectively while always keeping the best interests of the child in mind.