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Is A “Nesting” Arrangement Right For Your Divorce?

If you are a divorced parent or a parent planning to divorce, you already know your children’s well-being is at the top of the list of your concerns. That concern normally takes shape when it comes to deciding parenting time, which child goes with what parent and when.

In the past, parenting time was considered strictly in terms of which parent’s house the children would go to for a given period of time. In other words, each parent has a house and the children come to the parents.

More recently, however, people putting their children first have come up with a new solution. It’s called a nesting arrangement.


In a nesting arrangement, it’s the parents who come to the children. The children live in the family home and the parents take turns living in that home with the children according to the parenting time schedule.

Proponents of nesting arrangements emphasize a number of potential benefits to children. In the first place, proponents believe the nesting arrangement minimizes the disruption to the lives of the children. Instead of shuttling between parents, the children stay in one spot. This arrangement, therefore, puts the stress of shuttling onto the parents who are more able to withstand the stress the comes with it.

Further, nesting arrangements may bring with it a monetary benefit for a family budget already strained by the needs of a divorce. Instead of attempting to duplicate your child’s home in each parent’s residence (i.e., buying two sets of everything the child needs so the child does not need to feel like they are packing and unpacking for travel constantly), everything your child needs is purchased once and stays in one place. No more forgetting the homework at mom’s house!

An experienced divorce attorney can help you determine if a nesting arrangement is right for your specific circumstances and legal goals.