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What if your business partner is your ex?

When you start a business with your spouse as your partner, you hope for the best. However, if the business sours, the strain placed on the marriage can be overcome. But is the reverse true? If you get a divorce, will your business soon fall apart? It does not have to.

Keeping in control of emotions during divorce

Most people know that going through a separation or divorce frequently includes an emotional roller coaster. When a marriage falls apart, or spouses simply decide to go their separate ways, tensions can rise. Many of the issues divorcing couples need to address have long-term consequences. Property division, child custody matters, and spousal maintenance issues are best addressed with reason and a rational mind. Unfortunately, remaining focused is often easier said than done.

What is a child custody modification and when is it used?

A custody modification is a change to the existing custody arrangement. As parents face life changes -- or children's needs change -- a modification to the original agreement may be necessary. For parents seeking a custody modification, the process can be arduous and filled with more than a few hurdles.

The importance of having a properly drafted QDRO

Retirement plans are often significant assets in households. When a marriage comes to an end, some people may overlook these assets. In other situations, divorcing couples may agree to divide a retirement account in their property settlements. It is vital for people who are facing divorce to understand that the divorce decree, standing alone, may not be sufficient to properly transfer the right to receive retirement account benefits.


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