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The Appeals Process

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Sometimes a case is not over with a decision by the trial court.

Appeals are usually very different from a case at the trial court. Most appeals focus on the legal issues and whether the judge correctly applied the law after deciding any factual disputes. The appeal procedure is also very different from a trial court action.

If you are thinking about an appeal, you need an attorney who knows the area of appellate law. You need a lawyer who can advise you if there are errors that an appellate court can correct. When there are those kinds of errors, you need an attorney who has the ability to succeed at the appellate level.

Alternatively, if the trial judge determines the facts and the law of the case in your favor, the other side could challenge those results through an appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. If you are facing an appeal, you need an attorney to protect your district court results.

Whether it is challenging the district court judge’s interpretation of the law or it is protecting a decision that the judge got right, attorneys Suzanne Kvas and Barbara Lutter have had many successes with appeals. We have the skills to write compelling briefs and to present the oral arguments to the appellate court.

We handle appeals related to several areas of civil law, including family law.

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